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We build your team with you

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    We will run the entire hiring process with you and find the best possible candidate along with other solutions to fit your needs.

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    We constantly review your business goals and fully support the process to obtain them.

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    We will build a culture geared towards long term success.<br>We are constantly providing feedback and support and will maintain the team to suit your business needs.

Our Mission

To solve your technological challenges by developing your team of product focused engineers that can quickly scale to match your growth.

Our Expertise

Established in 2017 as ACD/Consulting, we have +10 years of experience in technology and management solutions in Vietnam.

We have mastered the ability to build a team on demand that can flexibly adapt with your culture and workflows.

Why us?

Proven Expertise

Over the course of ten years, the sustainable partnership with I-ON Communications and Tiny Pulse has given us a unique advantage to figure out what works and what doesn't.

Local Knowledge

We have a deep understanding of local business, laws, and culture in Vietnam. A very close relationship with the leading IT schools and the tech community in Vietnam also gives us a huge advantage in finding skilled developers.

Value and Service

The average salary of a Vietnamese developer is roughly 15% - 30% the salary of a US developer. Along with the savings, we prepare and handle everything so you can fully focus on your business.


  • 2016

    Started in 2016

    - David Hadju CEO of Tiny Pulse.
    - Successful USA clients onboarded: Guidant Financial and Aduro Life.

  • 2017

    ACD/C founded

    - Partnership formed with Alex Choi and Charles Lee.
    - Korean client acquired.
    - I-ON Communications (Nasdaq IONI) onboarded.
    - Partnership with Coder School established.

  • 2018

    DevDirect founded

    - Partnership expanded with James Lee and James Oh.
    - Brainz Company onboarded.

  • Present

    - Help more companies find solutions for their technology needs which are increasingly becoming difficult.

The Captains

James Oh

James OhCEO / Partner

James Lee

James LeePartner

Alexander Choi

Alexander ChoiPartner

David Hajdu

David HajduPartner


Our Clients

KyowonSKLX Z:InLG HausysION Communications

Let's build your team!

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